December 26, 2011

Teaser Podcast

Get a taste of Diego's Soul Patch with the short teaser we recorded on Christmas day!

Listen here: Teaser Podcast

Our first full-length podcast will be available on iTunes Tuesday, January 17th after the season premiere has aired the night before.

In this twelve minute teaser: Jorge makes up his own theme song for DSP, Beth claims to have gotten him on the show, our dogs start fighting, and we accidentally call DSP Geronimo Jack's Beard a couple of times.

It's rough, bumpy and wasn't planned out at all, but we promise the actual podcast will be much more polished.


December 22, 2011

Just because I can't get enough of it...

here's one of the greatest pictures ever.

I now declare this cat, Winston P. Granger IV, to be the official mascot of Diego's Soul Patch.

Carry on.

December 16, 2011


We asked you guys to help us create our logo, and while we went with something completely different, we still got a few awesome pieces that we wanted to share.

Check out this soulful beauty created by Maine children's book illustrator and writer, Dan (D.S.) Edwards. Check him out at:

Gorgeous and flawless sketch drawn by Monterey tattoo artist, Adam Loomis. Dig his tattoo work HERE.

Los Angeles based actor and designer, Dana Jones sent us this funky retro piece. Check him out at

Our final decision was on this adorable sketch of us coming out of Diego's actual soul patch, done by Dwellephant. Check out more of Dwellephant's artwork at 

And as a bonus, check out this pic Dwellephant drew of Jorge as a cupcake, holding our old dog Nunu. 

A big thank you to everyone who submitted a logo. And if you're still working on one and want us to add it to the blog, please email it to us at

December 11, 2011

Welcome to The Patch!

What can we say, we love facial hair.

Listen to Geronimo Jack's Beard!

So it was just natural to name our new podcast after yet another significant piece of television facial hair history.

Welcome to Diego's Soul Patch, a podcast about the new FOX series "ALCATRAZ", coming to you on iTunes on January 17th, 2012. We hope you dig the show.

- Jorge & Sidekick22