January 18, 2012

101/102: Pilot/Ernest Cobb

Here's our first full-length podcast after watching the series premiere on Monday night. We discuss changes  that were made, things that we loved, lots of movie references, and the many similarities between ALCATRAZ and Seinfeld.

Download the episode in MP3 format here: 101/102 Pilot/Ernest Cobb

Our new intro theme song was created by Jarred Matthes who also created our GJB themes.

Here are a few notes/pics/video on some of the subjects we discuss in this podcast:

The ad for Diego's book...

Check out the "commercial" for the book HERE.

Jorge with his Jack Sparrow/Richard Alpert look:

The book Beth has with the prison key reference:

The infirmary scene with Jack Sylvane:

Video of Beth terrified on the swinging ferris wheel at California Adventure.


  1. Oh the infirmary scene. LOVE it almost as much as Beth screaming! Y'all are a hoot, as always.

  2. You guys love how Robert Forester speaks? He's from Rochester, New York, like me! I live in a whole city with people who talk with a "flat A" accent. Next time you see Robert, ask him to say this: "Park your car in the garage." It's kinda funny! Great podcast you two, can't wait to hear next week's episode.

  3. Is the podcast available for download in MP3 format?

  4. Agree with above.
    Any chance of changing the feed to MP3? I don't have an ipod but still want to listen.
    GJB was ok.
    Thanks in advance guys.

  5. Awwww it's so good to hear your voices again! I'm stoked to listen to DSP.

    And that video of Beth is hilarious ;)

  6. Reminds me of Beth's reaction to the rat in the house in Hawaii! Loving the first two episodes of "Alcatraz." Like MANY people, totally wanted to check it out because you're in it, Jorge. LOVED you in "Curb Your Enthusiasm." Classic. Absolutely ADORED you in "Lost." Keep out there where we can find you, dude. You rock... no pun intended. Yeah, okay... maybe a little. Now... if I could find something with Josh Holloway in it... Ho, damn!

  7. I really love hearing you two do a podcast again. I'd missed you since the end of GJB. I haven't tried any of The Tail End podcast yet. I know that's kind of on hiatus right now. I also wish your podcast was in MP3 form ;-) I listen to it on my computer after downloading it with iTunes, but it would be nice to listen to it on my cheap little MP3 player and in the file type it's in, I just can't... *whimper* *sniffle*
    Thanks again for all that you both do to keep us up on your lives and careers. Best of Luck to you both, in everything and looking forward to the Kit Nelson podcast :-D Jorge was WONDERFUL in last night's episode of ALCATRAZ! (Not that he isn't ALWAYS! Hehehe)

  8. thanks lord!!!! I can write today here!!!! Beth!!!! what a scream!!! hahahha I love Alcatraz is amazing guys.

  9. I believe the mantra of "there are 47 posts" is a stuttering exercise, to help with p's and s's.

    Love the podcast....

  10. Oh, my GOD, Beth, and you PAID to ride that?! Holy crap!