March 06, 2012

108/109 - Ames Brothers/Sonny Burnett

We have a fantastic podcast for you guys this week with JorgeSarah Jones, Sam Neill, Parminder Nagra, Jonny Coyne, and a special call in guest! Sidekick22 was not present for the fun as this was Jorge's last Vancouver-based podcast for the season. His last day of filming was Sunday and he's heading back to LA!

This podcast deserves yet another "explicit" tag due to some potty mouths and dirty minds among the group :)

We don't have an Alcatraz Expert's Corner with Michael Esslinger or fan emails/theories this week. 

Download the episode in MP3 format here: 108/109 Ames and Burnett mp3

Listen to the podcast first and then check out the bonus photos below. Don't forget that if you have questions or theories you can email them to us at

Here's a pic of Jorge after getting bloodied up in the makeup chair.

Jorge with the "Ames Brothers", Travis Aaron Wade and Graham Sheilds.

Jorge showing off the black piece of fabric that wardrobe stitched into his shirt in order to make it longer to stick out from under Doc's sweater vests.

Jorge and Sarah lookin' badass at the hardware store. 

Thanks for listening and watching!


  1. Loved this podcast...Best episode so far!! Sarah need to be on more!! she was a great laugh

  2. Great podcast. Missed Beth, of course. Glad Sam is not upset about the 100 years old thing. Sarah was fantastic.

  3. Great episode! Was wondering if the name Sonny Burnett was an homage to Miami Vice, as that was Crockett's undercover identity?