February 08, 2012

105: Guy Hastings

This is our first long distance podcast since Beth left Vancouver, so please be gentle on us regarding the audio. We're just starting to get the hang of recording like this.

Download the episode in MP3 format here: 105 Guy Hastings mp3

Listen to the podcast first and then check out the bonus photos below. Don't forget that if you have questions or theories you can email them to us at bethany@bethanyshady.com

Here we are iChating the podcast!

Screenshot of Hastings walking out of 64 Building. 

Pic Beth took of 64 Building.

Jorge's James Bond laser pic from 1964!

And his comparison of Warden James and Goldfinger.

Chariot of the Gods

Screenshot of Van Madsen's grave with 1960 birth date.

Mugshot of Elliott Michener, the prisoner that Michael Esslinger referred to:

Thanks for listening!


  1. Much appreciated as always, guys. I think the video chatting sounded great and worked well. Great stuff!


  2. Love your podcast! The audio is fine, no problem. Hope you, Jorge and the babies will be together again very soon. Thanks for all your work :)

  3. Hey guys!

    This was a great podcast and the Audio was great!

    Looking forward to more awesome podcasts!


  4. Great podcast. Oh, that screenshot of Van Madsen's grave is gonna drive me to drink! I *need* to know why the years don't sync with his time at Alcatraz.

  5. great! I have to see the new epi, this week I was sick.. lots of hugs guys!!