February 18, 2012

106: Paxton Petty

(WARNING: This epi technically is not explicit free. Around 27:15 Jorge says the word "shit". Sorry!)

ALOHA! Thanks for waiting all week for this episode of DSP. We're sooooo happy to be back in Hawaii and recording together again.

Download the episode in MP3 format here: 106 Paxton Petty mp3

Listen to the podcast first and then check out the bonus photos below. Don't forget that if you have questions or theories you can email them to us at bethany@bethanyshady.com

Here is the link to the Tommy Madsen page at Alcatrazpedia.

Here's a pic of me editing the podcast beachside. Ahhhh, this is the life :)

Thanks for listening!


  1. those stomach noises are called Borborygmus.

  2. mmm love the show and post!! thanks guys